Separación de células de ratón

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For the simple, rapid and reliable isolation

Dynabeads® Mouse Cell Separations

of pure mouse cells

Dynabeads® Cell Separation Technology - Isolate Any Mouse Cell!
This easy-to-use technology is based on immunomagnetic separation (IMS). The Dynabeads® featured in this brochure allow you to isolate any mouse cell quickly and easily. • Gentle tube-based system -for high cell viability, purity and yield. • Samples do not pass through columns where cells may be trapped and there is no delay. • Target mouse cells isolated in just 30 minutes. • Uniform, superparamagnetic beads - for excellent reproducibility and low non-specific binding. The quality of the separated cells is excellent, with >95% purity, >95% viability and >90% yield. Mouse cells can bedepleted or positively isolated for use directly in downstream molecular analysis. The cells can be lysed while still attached to the beads and the supernatant can be transferred to a new tube for further molecular studies (such as isolation of mRNA, DNA, proteins etc). A negative isolation approach is also possible where a cocktail of rat IgGs can be used to deplete unwanted mouse cells to leaveuntouched target cells for any downstream application.

Mouse T Cell Isolation
References: Karpati RM et al. (1991) J. Immunol. 146(6)2043-2051. Horwood NJ et al. (2001) J. Immunol. 166:4915-4921. Gardby E et al. (2001) Scand.J.Immunol. 53:13-23. Huang H et al. (2002) Cancer Res. 62(7):2043-2051.

Application: Positive isolation for molecular studies or depletion

Mouse T cells can be positivelyisolated or depleted using Dynabeads® Mouse pan T (Thy 1.2). The monoclonal antibody coated onto the Dynabeads® recognises the Thy 1.2 antigen (CD90.2) on mouse peripheral T cells, thymocytes and intraepithelial T lymphocytes of most mouse strains. Isolated T cells can be used in downstream molecular analysis (e.g mRNA, DNA, protein isolations) after cell lysis. Limited detachment is seen afterovernight incubation. 1 ml of Dynabeads® will bind 1 x 108 T cells.
Dynabeads® Mouse pan T (Thy 1.2) Product no. (volume): 114.03 (2 ml)/114.04 (10 ml) Starting samples: Spleen, lymph nodes, thymus

Mouse CD4+ T Cell Isolation
References: Miller MJ et al. (1997) J Immunol 158:5330-5337. Gorbachev AV et al. (2001) J. Immunol. 167:156-162. Horwood NJ et al. (2002) J. Immunol. 166:4915-4921.Application: Positive isolation for molecular studies or depletion

Mouse CD4+ T cells expressing the antigen L3T4 can be depleted or positively isolated using Dynabeads® Mouse CD4 (L3T4). The positively isolated cells can be used for molecular studies after cell lysis. The L3T4 antigen is expressed on mouse thymocytes and the T helper cell population of all mouse strains. 1 ml of Dynabeads® willbind 1 x 108 CD4+ T cells.
Dynabeads® Mouse CD4 (L3T4) Product no. (volume): 114.05 (2 ml)/114.06 (10 ml) Starting samples: Spleen, lymph nodes, thymus

References: * Bogen B, Univ Oslo, personal communication. Jenkinson EJ et al. (1993) Nature 362:70-73. Schmidt-Weber CB et al. (1999) J. Immunol. 162:238-244. Bai YL et al. (2002) J. Immunol. 168(4):1579-1589. Carter LL et al. (2002) Eur. J.Immunol. 32(3):634-643.

Application: Positive isolation with detachment

The captured mouse CD4 cells can be gently released from the Dynabeads® by use of DETACHaBEAD® Mouse CD4. Positively isolated CD4 cells detached with DETACHaBEAD® have been shown to be 99% pure, 95% viable, phenotypically unaltered and unactivated*. The antibody and bead-free released cells are suitable for further sorting,functional studies, flow cytometry and other applications. 1 ml DETACHaBEAD® is sufficient to release cells from 2 ml of Dynabeads® Mouse CD4 (L3T4).
DETACHaBEAD® Mouse CD4 Product no. (volume): 124.06 (5 ml)

Mouse CD8+ T Cell Isolation
Application: Positive isolation for molecular studies or depletion

Mouse CD8+ T cells can be effectively depleted or positively...
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