Sersor detector de vehiculo

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Vehicle Detection Sensor

• • • • • • 3-axis magnetoresistive-based technology; senses 3-dimensional changes to the Earth’s magnetic field caused by the presence of ferrous objects Easy sensor installation (see page 4); above- or below-ground mounting options Compact, robust one-piece, self-contained sensor package replaces inductive-loop sensing technology; noexternal controller needed Designed to minimize the effects of temperature swings and destabilizing magnetic fields Sensor learns ambient background and stores settings in non-volatile memory Patented technologies†

Caution . . .
For Factory-Approved Applications Only This sensor is to be used only in factory-approved applications. See warning on page 2, and list of approved applications on page 3.Models
Model Cable*
2 m (6.5') 5-conductor cable 5-pin Euro-style QD fitting

Supply Voltage

Output Type

Range varies, depending on application and target being sensed. See Figures 5 and 6.


10 to 30V dc

Bipolar NPN/PNP**


* 9 m cables are available by adding suffix “W/30” to the model number of any cabled sensor (e.g., S18MB W/30). A model with a QDconnector requires a mating cable; see page 8. ** Consult factory for other output options.

Approved Applications
See page 3 for more details on factory-approved applications

Car Wash Entry/Exit

Drive-Up Kiosk

Overhead Door

Loading Dock


Not To Be Used for Personnel Protection

Never use this product as a sensing device for personnel protection. Doing so couldlead to serious injury or death. This product does NOT include the self-checking redundant circuitry necessary to allow its use in personnel safety applications. A sensor failure or malfunction can cause either an energized or de-energized sensor output condition. Consult your current Banner Safety Products catalog for safety products which meet OSHA, ANSI and IEC standards for personnelprotection.
†U.S. patent #6,546,344 B1

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M-GAGE S18M — Vehicle Detection Sensor
The M-GAGE S18M sensor implements a passive sensing technology to detect large ferrous objects. The sensor measures the change in the Earth’s natural magnetic field (the ambient magnetic field) caused by theintroduction of a ferromagnetic object. This easy-to-use sensor is extremely robust and is unaffected by dirt and moisture, making it ideal for demanding outdoor environments. Simple programming procedures provide flexibility for a variety of applications (see page 5).

Theory of Operation

The sensor uses three mutually perpendicular magnetoresistive transducers. Each transducer detectsmagnetic field changes along one axis. By incorporating three sensing elements, maximum sensor sensitivity is achieved. A ferrous object will alter the local (ambient) magnetic field surrounding the object, as shown in Figure 1. The magnitude of this magnetic field change is dependent both on the object (its size, shape, orientation, and composition) and on the ambient magnetic field (its strengthand orientation). During a simple programming procedure, the S18M sensor measures the ambient magnetic field. When a large ferrous object (for example, a truck, automobile, or rail car) alters that magnetic field, the sensor detects the magnetic field changes (anomalies). When the degree of magnetic field change reaches the sensor’s threshold, the sensor’s discrete outputs switch.
A. Baselinemagnetic field, with slight disturbances caused by permanent ferrous-metal objects within or near the sensor, then . . .

Sensor Field of View and Range

The sensor range depends on three variables: 1. The local magnetic environment (including nearby ferrous material) 2. The magnetic properties of the object to be sensed 3. Sensor settings The S18M can detect changes in the ambient magnetic...
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