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  • Publicado : 19 de febrero de 2011
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This Instructor's Manual accompanies the fifth edition of the textbook Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Raymond Serway and Robert Beichner. It contains solutions for all of thechapter-end problems, with answers boxed; accounts of research in physics education and its implications for teaching, written by Jeffery Saul; and separate lists of answers to evennumbered problems.Duane Deardorff has written detailed solutions for some problems in each chapter, following the GOAL problem-solving strategy introduced in the textbook on its page 47. These GOAL problem solutions alsoappear in the Student Solutions Manual and Study Guide. Problems new to this edition have asterisks next to their solutions. This manual includes solutions to the chapter-end computer-based problems.The first word is Instructor's. Please keep this manual out of the hands of students. Bear in mind: • The publisher provides you with this manual for your convenience, free of charge. • Many teachersat many colleges use the textbook. Some use problems from it in graded homework and in examinations. • No student needs to see solutions to all of the problems. The textbook is rich with examples. TheStudent Solutions Manual and Study Guide contains detailed solutions to fifteen problems and several questions per chapter, those with their numbers boxed in the textbook. Of these, five per chapterare on the Saunders website. • The useful life of this edition can continue only so long as the users maintain the integrity and security of the problem set and solutions. We recognize that you maypost answers and solutions to selected problems, but we ask that you take precautions to keep secure the manual as a whole. In problem solutions, with the goals of communicating efficiently with you andof limiting the bulk of the manual, we have often omitted commentary, intermediate steps, and even initial steps that would make the solutions most clear to students. If you post solutions from this...
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