Sex education

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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2011
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3 March 2011
Sex Education
For years there has been talk and argue about the call for sex education in schools, both public and private. It is discussed if it is appropriate to give outinformation about sex to boys and girls together in the same room, whether to hear the views of parents or not about this whole area. In our culture sometimes sex can be a taboo. The information we receive isnot always that best. As young teenagers the information we receive is minimum. During the process of maturing into adulthood, the norms of sex are confusing and contradictory. How can our teens takethe right choice, if they don’t have enough information? People think that Parents just because they are adults know everything about sex. This is how myths are invented. For example: you can not getpregnant the first time you have sexual interaction. Most people know this is a lie, but not every body those. Thanks to miss leading information we have social problems. We need professionalsteaching our teens the proper information. Teen pregnancy and venereal diseases are problems caused by the lack of sex education in schools.
Young people need accurate information to help them protectthemselves. The United States has more than twice the rates of pregnancy than any other countries, more than a million teenagers become pregnant each year. Young people have the highest rates of sexuallytransmitted diseases (STDs) than any other age group, one in four get an STD before age 21. STDs, including HIV, can damage health and reproductive ability of a (a) young person. As everybody knowsthere is no cure for AIDS. HIV infection is increasing faster among teenagers. One of every four new infections in the U.S. occurs among people younger than 22 years. In 1994, 417 new AIDS cases werediagnosed among 13 to 19 years, and 2,684 new AIDS cases among 20 to 24 years of age (Kirby, 2006). Sex education in school would benefit the teenagers, parents, and society. There is daily struggle...
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