Sexim in language

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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2011
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1.before, we had a more language sexist than we talked. A reason can be that the man was over the woman. In the 21st century, we are more liberal when we are talking. We use maleautomaticallly for speak or to refer a group of person, be boys or girls.
2.The sexim is expressed in some job names, for example, when we say”a music or a singer”, we think that is a man. When werefer to “a director” we think, inmediatly, that is a man and when we refer to “a housemaid” we think of a woman.
3.It is false because the text says that Neil Amstrong stepped into the moon in is true, the text says that us use male pronouns automatically whenever the sex of the person is not known.
5.It is false. “often include reference to the sex of the person”.
6.It is true: “the use of cuch words tends to emphasise the idea that it is not normal for women to be in professional, higly-paid, techinal or manual jobs.
8.take off
11.he used a sexist word whose meaning was perjorative for...
12.they were tought medieval history... often do you attend English Classes?
14.Your cooking is not good enough.15.TECHNOCAL OR ARTISTIC JOB.
Deciding on what job to follow is not such an easy thing. First of all, I have to think of my own interest. I personally feel inclined towards some kind of tecnichal jobs:doctor, scientist... partly because there are more apportunities to work in the future. However, I belive that I can express better my feelings and my opinion in an artistic job than in a tecnichal job,for example: archietect, photographer... on the other hand, I think that the real problem is if you are the boss or you have to do things other people tell you to do.
1.thatimmigrants have seen stornning the borders between morocco and the spanish enclaves of Ceuta on Melilla massivelly.
2.There are three-metre-high barbed-wire fences and there are guards in the border....
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