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Autodesk 3ds Max 2011
® ®

Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2011
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Shortcut Guide

Autodesk 3ds Max 2011 and Autodesk 3dsBrush Rotate Preset 1 Shortcut Guide 5 Max Design Grow Selection Ctrl D E Set Alt + Ctrl Main UI (continued) EAlt +++Page Up Up Tessellation 2011 Texture Vertexof footsteps TV Select Settings Shift+ 1 + Extrude end Rotate Mode Ctrl
HideNormals Texture Vertex Scale Mode RAlt+ S TV Select entire footstep Alt + H Flip F Transform Gizmofootsteps Toggle X Hide Unselected Selected TextureSelection TV Select start of Alt + A Main UI WeldDialog Toggle Ctrl + +I Page Up Grow Vertex Ctrl W Transform Type-In F12 Texture Vertex Target Weld Ctrl + T Object Level 6 Hide H Undo Scene Operation Ctrl +Z Unwrap Options Ctrl ++O Ctrl + Q Quickslice Mode Shift I Adaptive DegradationToggle O + Hide Unselected Alt Undo Map Operation Shift + Z UpdateViewport Operation Repeatfrom Edge Panel ; Reaction Manager Advanced LightingMode (Scanline) Ctrl + U 9L(semicolon) Hinge Last Updatefrom Edge Settings Background Image Alt +ZL L Zoom Sub-object Loop Alt + Shift + Ctrl + B Select Alt A Hinge Ctrl Align Alt + + Zoom Extents Alt ++CtrlCtrl + I View Edged Faces Ring Toggle F4 + R + ZSet MaxBackfacing in Selections Influence Ctrl I SelectSnap Toggle Alt + IgnoreSub-object Shift Angle A Zoom Extents Selected ZAlt + IB I Down Viewport Background Alt + Page Set MinVertex Mode Influence Shrink Selection Ctrl Insert Shift Auto Key Mode Toggle N ++ Zoom Region Mode Down Ctrl + X Ctrl + W Virtual Weld Number pad 2 TargetMode Lock Pan Shift Ctrl + B Inset Viewport Toggle I Background Alt+ + Zoom ToViewport Pan Left Gizmo Shift + Space 4 Virtual All Number pad Inset Settings Ctrl U Unhide Backup Time One Unit ,Alt ++ I (comma) VirtualPlanar Number pad 6 Make Viewport Pan Right P Vertex Level 1 WalkThrough Bottom View B Virtual Viewport Pan Up Number pad 8 MeshSmooth M Camera View C Virtual Viewport Number pad / (slash) Video Post Toggle MeshSmooth Settings Ctrl++V AccelerateToggle Q Clone Ctrl M Edit/Editable Mesh Virtual Viewport Zoom In Number Object Level 6 Back Last Activated Explorer S, + Ctrlpad + (plus) Close AltDown Arrow +P Add Image Filter Event Out Ctrl + F pad - (hyphen) Virtual Viewport Number Outline Mode O Decelerate SnapZoom Z Cycle ActiveToggleType Alt + S Ctrl + B Bevel Settings Ctrl Add Image Input Event Highlights Ctrl + +V, Down Arrow Outline CtrlWireframe / F3 +I O Down Mode Smooth + C, Shift + Cycle Selection Method Ctrl + F Chamfer Level Event Mode Ctrl++LC + Z Add Image Layer Ctrl Up Arrow Polygon 4 Zoom Extents Alt Forward W, Ctrl Cycle Snap Hit Alt + Shift + S Cut Mode Mode Alt + O Arrow Q Add Image Output Event CtrlLeft Ctrl + Z Quickslice All Shift+ Ctrl + Zoom Shift + Left Extents A, C Default Lighting Toggle Ctrl + L Detach EventAllSelected Ctrl + Remove Shift Add New Ctrl +++DR Level Extents Shift A Space Zoom Z Disable Viewport Vertices D ++SI Ctrl + R Edge Vertical Rotation Invisible Ctrl + Remove2X Shift Add SceneIsolated Event Ctrl + Shift + Ctrl + Z Lock In Space Zoom Alt Display asUnused Alt + X Edge Mode 2 Remove See-Through Toggle Alt [ Edit CurrentSize Map Vertices Ctrl + Shift + Ctrl + R ResetLevel Event Alt + EZoom Step Z EnvironmentOperation 8; (semicolon) Repeat Last Edge Turn 2X Dialog Ctrl++RT + Z Execute Sequence Toggle CtrlRight Arrow Right Out D, + Shift Zoom Alt Expert Slice Plane Ctrl + X Reset Mode Alt Element Level 5 New SequenceMode Ctrl ++N+ Up Arrow Up Region Toggle E, ShiftS Zoom Ctrl + W Fetch Mode Alt ++Ctrl + F+ T Retriangulate In Shift E Ctrl Extrude Ctrl +Ctrl + = (equals) ZoomViewport [ (open bracket), Forward Time One Unit .3 (period) SelectViewport Out By Alt + Ctrl Face LevelVertex Zoom ] (close bracket),V + - (hyphen) Front View FAlt + L Select Normals Sub-object Loop Polygon 4 Edit Level FFD End Frame Ring Go to Level End + R Select Alt Vertex Sub-object 1 Go to Selected HomeF Shaded Face Toggle Alt Weld Normals Ctrl + Break Start Frame B +W Snaps Action Table Switch...
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