Should ecuador use nuclear energy as an alternate energy source

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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Should Ecuador use Nuclear Energy as an Alternate Energy Source

Ecuador should not use Nuclear Energy as alternate energy source for many reasons, such as: It doesn't have the resourcesnecessary to create any. It is a dangerous thing to have in such a highly populated area, and it could be used to create weapons of mass destruction if put into the wrong hands. It just does not seempractical for Ecuador to use this resource. As it has proven to cost the consumers less money in other countries for fuel with this resource, Ecuador's gas is much cheaper than the rest of the worlds as itis.
Ecuador's yearly income is not that of other countries which use Nuclear Energy. If they had switched over to Nuclear Energy they would need a larger capital in the case of emergency,containment, radioactivity, and storage. If they receive the help from Russia to build the Nuclear plants they will not only have more debt with another country, but with a corrupt government could beeasily persuaded to use these nuclear energy sources for creating weapons. It has been proven by time that Russia has always had it out for the United States. Russia has long looked for a way to counterthe United States influence in South America and it would be the perfect time with the increase in leftist, anti United States politics. With the increase in Russian influence in the South Americancountries it begins to stir up many Cold War tensions between the countries.
If Ecuador decided to have Nuclear Energy it would be tough to place them anywhere. It is best to place such a dangerousthing away from any major cities, but if they decide to put it somewhere far from the major cities it will have to be placed in places such as the rainforest. Many places in the country are veryrocky, or a place for wildlife. It would most certainly have to be placed far from Quito or other large cities. If the plant were to go into Melt down the fallout or radioactivity from the plant could...
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