Should gay people adopt children?

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The word gay is used to refer to people whose orientation is to the same sex, in large part because it is the term that most gay people use to refer amongthemselves. I respect people who are gay because they think like us they are ordinary people and are entitled to be happy with the people they want. Just because homosexuality has gained acceptance overthe last couple of decades doesn't make it a normal behavior.
Legislators of Mexico City passed a law giving homosexual couples full marriage rights, and adopt children. Innocent children would beadopted by gay couples. Children are entitled to have a family (mother and father) to be a normal person. I think legislators approved too fast the law, because some people are not prepared to seethis situation, not respected the general opinion of society. They need to revise these rules and think about what is best for children. Ask any child if he would like to have a normal family where hecould enjoy the love of a mother and a father´s advice.
I think in this century people have new ideas and experiences which they respect and accept one of them is gay people. In my personal opinionit is not good gays adopt children because it is bad for the society and the religion and children maybe have serious problems for example: the discrimination in the school, don’t have friends, theyfeel insecure, and maybe sometimes people hate them. I think children need a mother, and a father because education is very different and also the life’s experiences are different .In my catholicreligion is prohibited that gays get married and adopt children because is bad example for the society,
Everything must change according to the needs and circumstances of society, in our case bothyouth and parents should always try to behave in the best way for a healthy life, full of love, respect and understanding on both sides.
My conclusion of this matter is that gays are entitled as...
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