Should illegal inmigrants be allowed to become citizens?

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  • Publicado : 29 de enero de 2012
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May 10, 2011


Immigration has been a significant social phenomenon throughout the history of the United States.This phenomenon has been carried out not without having had linguistic, religious, and even economic impact. Most of the immigrants who came to this country, do that in order to obtain a better life,which implies a good job, a nice home and a quality education. Migrants are a significant population in this country for a long time ago. Our presence here in one way or another move the society inthis country, that is why I support the idea of allowing illegal immigrants the chance to aspire to become citizens.
One of the things why I support this, are the reasons and the stories by whichmigrants come to this country. For example, one of the most important generators of migration is unemployment; this factor leads to low-income people who do not have a job, to find a job that pays enough tosupport a decent life. And although this country is also facing a similar crisis, the opportunity to recover here is higher. In another case, also stands as a major factor in the migratory activity,the political conditions of the home countries. Another great majority of the population emigrated to this country is the constant search of a better life in safety, as in foreign countries rightsviolations, crime, drug trafficking, among others, are common.

Another reason why I maintain my position is; the impact on the economy. Immigrants provide substantial benefits to the economy of theUnited States. Unusually immigrants contribute substantial economic benefits; where social security receives about $ 7 billion from illegal immigrants. Those same taxpayers are not eligible for SocialSecurity benefits, resulting in a net of Social Security benefits and their beneficiaries. A federal way, to legalize the immigration would yield benefits for all. Legalization would generate...