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Good afternoon my name is Jordanna and I will talk about the television.
Television (TV) is the most widely used telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images.
Commerciallyavailable since the late 1920s, the television has become used in homes, businesses and institutions, particularly as a source of entertainment and news.
A standard television set comprisesmultiple internal electronic circuits, including those for receiving and decoding broadcast signals
The concept of television (viewing distance) can be traced back to Galileo Galilei and his telescope.However, not until 1884, with the invention of Paul Nipkow disk when significant progress was made to create an environment. 

The change would bring the television as we know it was the invention oficonoscope by Vladimir Zworkyn and Philo Taylor Farnsworth. This would lead to all-electronic television, which had a better refresh rate, superior self-image and lighting.

In 1937 began regularsale of electronic TV. This allowed a rapid development of the television industry and a rapid increase in viewers, but were very expensive.
However new technology like the cathode ray were implementedin Television boxes allowing having small fixtures.
In 1940 a Mexican engineer, Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena invented equipment that allowed to delivery color images trough televisión signals and in1946 Gonzalez Camarena sents the first color image since his laboratory in Mexico City.
In 1950 this invention was implemented in TV’s that were manufactured in Mexico and exported to USA.
Inmiddle of 1960’s demand of TV`s in Mexico had an impressive growing and inversions on TV’s Shows were increased and started ON LINE TV transmitions.
One of the first TV color programs transmitted ONLINE was a show called “PARAISO INFANTIL” to entertain our Mexican Childs.
Mr. Gonzalez Camarena Main objectives was that TV can be used to educate and to increase level of knowledge of kids or any...
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