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Addressable Fire System

Installation and Operations Manual

Part Number 151209 Rev N

Installation Procedure
Adherence to the following will aid in problem-free installation with long-term reliability: Installation Precautions - Adherence to the following will aid in problem-free installation with long-term reliability: WARNING - Several different sources ofpower can be connected to the fire alarm control panel. Disconnect all sources of power before servicing. Control unit and associated equipment may be damaged by removing and/or inserting cards, modules, or interconnecting cables while the unit is energized. Do not attempt to install, service, or operate this unit until manuals are read and understood. CAUTION - System Re-acceptance Test afterSoftware Changes: To ensure proper system operation, this product must be tested in accordance with NFPA 72 after any programming operation or change in site-specific software. Re-acceptance testing is required after any change, addition or deletion of system components, or after any modification, repair or adjustment to system hardware or wiring. All components, circuits, system operations, orsoftware functions known to be affected by a change must be 100% tested. In addition, to ensure that other operations are not inadvertently affected, at least 10% of initiating devices that are not directly affected by the change, up to a maximum of 50 devices, must also be tested and proper system operation verified. This system meets NFPA requirements for operation within the range of 0°C-49°C(32°F-120°F) or humidity within the range of 10%-93% at 30°C (86°F) noncondensing. However, the useful life of the system's standby batteries and the electronic components may be adversely affected by extreme temperature ranges and humidity. Therefore, it is recommended that this system and its peripherals be installed in an environment with a normal room temperature of 15-27º C/60-80º F. Verify thatwire sizes are adequate for all initiating and indicating device loops. Most devices cannot tolerate more than a 10% I.R. drop from the specified device voltage. Like all solid state electronic devices, this system may operate erratically or can be damaged when subjected to lightning induced transients. Although no system is completely immune from lightning transients and interference, propergrounding will reduce susceptibility. Overhead or outside aerial wiring is not recommended, due to an increased susceptibility to nearby lightning strikes. Consult with the Technical Services Department if any problems are anticipated or encountered. Disconnect AC power and batteries prior to removing or inserting circuit boards. Failure to do so can damage circuits. Remove all electronic assembliesprior to any drilling, filing, reaming, or punching of the enclosure. When possible, make all cable entries from the sides or rear. Before making modifications, verify that they will not interfere with battery, transformer, or printed circuit board location. Do not tighten screw terminals more than 9 in-lbs. Over-tightening may damage threads, resulting in reduced terminal contact pressure anddifficulty with screw terminal removal. Silent Knight fire alarm control panels contain static-sensitive components. Always ground yourself with a proper wrist strap before handling any circuits so that static charges are removed from the body. Use static suppressive packaging to protect electronic assemblies removed from the unit. Follow the instructions in the installation, operating, and programmingmanuals. These instructions must be followed to avoid damage to the control panel and associated equipment. FACP operation and reliability depend upon proper installation.

While installing a fire alarm system may make lower insurance rates possible, it is not a substitute for fire insurance! An automatic fire alarm system - typically made up of smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual pull...
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