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In the phone

: ring –ring.
She : hello
She : who is?
He : I’m Jeremy.
She : oh Jeremy, how are you?
He : fine, and you?
She : fine, too.
He : would you like to go at the Oakland mall?She : when?
He : on Saturday 3rd. at 3:00 in the afternoon.
She : ok.
She : how do I get to the Oakland mall?
He : you take the bus on the main street, walk from the bus stop to the mall;it’s across from the Italian’s restaurant.
She : ok, see you on Saturday.
He : bye.
She : bye.

In the mall

He : where are you?
She : I´m late, sorry. I get to the 5 minutes.
He : ok
She: hi. Jeremy. How are you?
He : fine. Ok! Let´s go shopping.
She : What do you need?
He : I need a brown shirt and new shoes.
She : come on at the men's factory store.
He : ok.
She : do youlike that shit.
He : no, I don´t like that shirt.
She : mmm! Do you like those shoes?
He : yes, I do. I like those shoes.

1. What time is it?
It´s a quarter after twelve.

2. Whattime is your English class?
It´s at 12:00 o´clock.

3. Where is the class of English?
It´s in calusac.

4. When´s your sister´s birthday?
It´s on march 2nd.

5. When´s yourbirthday?
It´s on November 1st.

6. What time is the play?
It´s at 5:00

7. What day is the game?
It´s on Saturday

8. Where is your pharmacy?
It´s at the mall.

9. Where do youstudy?
I study in the university San Carlos of Guatemala.

10. Do you need money?
No, I don´t need money.

11. Does she want pizza for dinner?
Yes, she does. She wants pizza for dinner.12. Do you have a dog?
No, I don´t have a dog.

13. Do you like classical movies?
Yes, I do

14. Do you have my notebook?
No, I don´t

15. Do they play tennis?
No, they don´t.they play pin-pong

16. Where do you live?
I live in Guatemala city.

17. What do you like to do in your free time?
I watch TV. And listen to the classical music.

18. When do...
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