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Platform Planning
Capacity Sizing Questionnaire
Ver 1.3

The information requested within this document is necessary to begin a sizing analysis.
Submitting complete and accurate information will ensure that a thorough
sizing analysis will be started. Should a change in scope occur after analysis has begun
a significant delay could result.n

|Application: || | |
|Internal Contact: | |Phone Number: |      |
|Vendor Contact: | |Phone Number: | |

Questions to ask Vendors or Project Team Members to get to theanswers:
Technical Architecture
1. Type of access needed
A. Technical Scenarios
I. Local LAN Access
II. LAN Access via WAN
III. LAN Access via Internet
IV. Dial-up Access
V. Disconnected User

2. Application Characteristics
A. Single CPU vs. SMP vs. MPP
B. Bandwidth Needs (requestand return)
C. Any Application Quirks (such as an app that makes a DNS call for each drop down box clicked
D. Web Enabled Capabilities

3. Server Requirements (not minimum)
A. Hard Disk Needs
B. Hard Disk per Project, per Product, per whatever
C. Hard Disk per level of Detail for each of the above
D. Hard Disk per Resource, etc.E. Concurrency expectations
F. Types and size of Stored Procedures
G. # of SQL transactions per second per request
H. # of caches reads per transaction
I. # of writes per transaction
J. Memory needed per user accessing the system
K. Memory needed by Application
L. Memory needed by application process, etc.

4. Security NeedsA. NT Domain / Novell NDS requirements??
B. Internal Security Needs
C. Direction on Directory Services / LDAP (Netscape etc)
D. Profile Management

5. Integration
A. ODBC Capability
B. Direction on OLEDB, SQL/Net, Net*8 etc.
C. API’s
D. Capability to load multiple version on same CPU (same or different levels)
E.Initial Loads, Conversions, White Papers, Customers…
01) Are any of the following items available? If so please attach a copy or include a copy of the tool.

| |Minimum Requirements | |Current Metrics (# of users, # of transactions, |
| | | |size of request transaction, avg. size of return |
| || |transaction |
| |Recommended Requirements | |Historical Implementations (What are some other |
| | | |installations and their metrics) |
| |Application Sizing Tool | |Desktop Requirements (OS, RAM, DASD |
||Product guides, White Papers, Sizing | |Other |
| |Guides, etc. | | |

02) What is the native development platform? NT, Unix(AIX, Solaris, etc) and the version supported

03) What functions are needed by the application?

| |APS| |CDS | |Database |
| |DNS / DHCP | |File / Print | |Firewall |
| |Gateway | |TME | |TMR |
| |Warehouse | |Web | |Backup |
| |Mainframe (MVS) | | | |...
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