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SLEPT analysis
Most of the Italians speak just Italian. Nowadays, the youth has began to study at school other languages even if they do not have a real interest on it, whichinvolves a barrier to communicate with foreign people. Moreover, the religion takes an important role in the Italian’s lifestyle. They are in their majority catholic, and have no tolerance with peoplewith different beliefs and customs. For example, there are many immigrates from the East and from Africa that are Islamic, and of course they have different point of view of the life and the way theworld should work. This posture is not neither well seen nor accepted by the Italian population. The core of the situation in not a racism problem but an Italian fear to what is diverse from what theyretain normal and correct. Nevertheless, it is important to point out that is kind of Italian discrimination is not just to people from other countries. Actually, it has its start inside of the Italianlittle towns that have an ancient fight with others Italian little towns, usually very close one to the other. For example, the unfriendly relationship between Pisa and Livorno or Turin and Milan.Then, this peculiar relationship pass to North versus South. And after this, Italy against other countries.
In April 2008 the conservative party presented a new decree named ‘urgent measures onpublic security’. Law-decree 92/2008, which then was converted into law 125/2008, changed the Italian Penal Code and made it possible to deport a foreigner in the case of being found guilty of a crime.Moreover, the Italian Army has (limited) tasks of territorial control and gave special powers to city authorities in serious emergencies related, among others, to urban insecurity.
The new law wasreformed by a subsequent decree aimed at converting into national law directive 2004/38/CE on the free circulation of EU citizens. According to this second decree, EU citizens can settle in Italy for...
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