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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2010
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Essay 9, draft 3
Estefania Correa
Dear editor:
            The world is changing; technology is opening up new doors but what would happen if we forget ourselves to interact withpeople? I’m student of La Guardia Community College. I’m 19 years old and I grew up using computers. You are thinking about open an online school I’m so grateful to know that you are thinking aboutstudents, however, I’m sure that a new online school will have a lot disadvantages than advantages I’m going to mention three.
            There isn’t anything better than interacting with your ownteacher, having teachers that you can ask many questions and get their answers, having a conversation and discussions about some topics. I know that we can do the same by internet but it can’t be the samething, I’m going to tell you why. In my country I have a cousin who used to take  classes only by internet using the mail because she has 2 babies so she has no time to go to a normal university.She used to tell me that she felt uneasy and unhappy with that kind of classes because she paid for that   and she felt as the same when she started because by internet the time is limited and afterthat you can’t have a conversation with your teacher about something that you didn’t understand. When my cousin got the diploma she didn’t feel comfortable. Education from the beginning was aboutinteracting and having our teachers face to face and we can’t let technology wrap us up.
            Classmates are so important in our students’ lives. You need them when you don’t understand something.You will improve your knowledge practicing with them, and you can exchange points of view. It can’t be the same, working by yourself. Also we may lose the opportunity to make friends and everybodyknows that the best time of our lives is studying because that is the time when we make friends, when we become in adults, when we can have experiences like love, friendship, responsibilities, etc....
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