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| |
|The interpretation of magnetic particle indications may be aided|
|by: |
|\D |
||A.  observing with a magnifying glass.|
||B.  observing the indications as they are formed. |
||C.  reproducing the indication residually. |
||D.  all of the above.|
|^A.  You can also reproduce the indication residually. |
|^B.  You can also observe them using a magnifying glass. |
|^C.  You can also observe the indications as they form.|
|^D.  Yes, magnetic particle indications may be interpreted by all |
|     three methods. |
|Comparing parts that have been circularly magnetized and those|
|which have been longitudinally magnetized, which retains the most |
|objectionable residual field if not demagnetized? |
|A.  Longitudinal |
||B.  Circular |
|A.  Yes, a longitudinal field could severely impede such|
|     processes as welding. |
|^B.  Residual circular magnetic fields are not as harmful to |
|     welding procedures and are considered generally considered|
|     less objectionable. |
| |
| |
|A rough forging that has received no further processing is |
|magnetic particle tested.  An indication is observed to run in...
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