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AWS D1.1/D1.1M:2004 An American National Standard

Structural Welding Code— Steel


Copyright American Welding Society Provided by IHS under license with AWS

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Key Words — Allowable stress, cyclically loaded
structures, structural details, statically loaded structures, steel welding, stud welding, tubular structures, welded joint details, welded steel structures

AWS D1.1/D1.1M:2004 An American National Standard Approved by American National Standards Institute October 15, 2003

Structural Welding Code— Steel

Supersedes AWS D1.1/D1.1M:2002

Prepared by AWS D1 Committee on Structural Welding Under the Direction of AWS Technical Activities Committee Approved by AWS Board of Directors

This code covers the welding requirements for any type of welded structure made from the commonly used carbon and low-alloy constructional steels. Sections 1 through 8 constitute a body of rules forthe regulation of welding in steel construction. There are twelve mandatory and fourteen nonmandatory annexes in this code. A Commentary of the code is included with the document.

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