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Since a past disappears, as a feeling to explain guarded since resigning a forgotten dream, Irene still does not deal because his heart continues loving it after so much time does not manage to erase what one day have, for the world already six long years spent but she remembers it as if she was yesterday, six years in which I try to re-do his life and achieve manythings between which he believed that his feelings towards Raul had remained buried, it was said it so much this way same that term believing his lie, but it was not relying on that the destination would do a bad play to him as some other times

It was Friday, Irene was preparing as every day to take the bus with course to house after a hard day of work, nothing unusual had happened this day,was like any different, his face was denoting weariness and boredom, the only thing that he needed was to come to house to take a shower and to sleep and there was Irene surrounded with so many unknown people, when suddenly this way of nothing I concentrate his look in a known face, which though he was to a considered distance was feeling that it could rub with his hand that person, the beatingsof his heart operated as a bell for an instant that world of people it disappeared and only his looks stayed.

Irene still saw it with so much love, as whom it looks at his real and only love, Raul's look was different his eyes were reflecting so much repentance and affliction like who it looks at a child begging pardon, Raul I take the initiative since Irene still was not going out of the shockand of the blaze of feelings and recollections that were invading it.

- hello, Since it has happened the time makes me happy much to return to meet, since you have been.

Irene was late a minute in assimilating those words and only I answer thank you well, (only a good thank you!... I believe that within it him wanted to have answered more than it since in this moment the rancor got hold ofher for what Raul had done to him … That with one only thank you well, it was not enough … Six years of recollections, promises without fulfilling, love by half, a sad end and a tragic farewell, believe that all that was not to answer the simple one thank you well!)

(But still with all that Irene still loved it and was not explained why? , why did it remain grasped to a not fed feeling?, whywas his love for Raul so big that it was not disappearing? why?)

- if Since the time has happened, what accounts of your life? Since it you goes with Berenice already have they family?

Yes, Raul had married Berenice and for what they were counting thereabouts still it was continuing with her since always I believe that not still in these six years with Irene I stop loving her

To summarizehis history he would say that I spend something like that: Irene a university girl whose principal aim was to obtain a master in marketing and still it did not know the real love, the only thing that tape-worm they were his dreams and illusions and the hope to know the ideal man was dealing the first year when it knew Raul, this way they began a pretty friendship though Raul never woke anexperienced feeling up in Irene that of the unconditional love and Irene was trying to hide what he was feeling to every moment and though Raul had in this moment a relation it was not troubling her so as they were counting Irene and Raul was not representing very much for they were inseparable.
Were looking like one for other one and I am not late very much in order that the destination was playingwith his feelings and one day Irene ended saying to him and expressing to him that it loved it and it was not any more that to say for her everything was said and what it was coming later it was a Raul's question and yes, his naiveté ended dragging her to a slightly unusual relation with a love more that unconditional so while Raul had his girlfriend he was feeding the illusions of Irene she I hope...
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