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  • Publicado : 19 de noviembre de 2011
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Byron Soto 11/15/11
Professor Trumbach History1001

1)The god from the first section is called God and from the second section was called Yahweh God

2)Godmade things happen by simply stating them and they would happen. Yahweh God made things by creating them by hand, molding and shaping them.

3) God, took a few days to created the world andeverything that lives and lies in it. The steps in which God from nothing made human beings happened when God first created heaven and earth. He would create one new amazing thing each day. Firstly, becauseof the darkness, he made light but stating "let there be light." Secondly, God made dry land by dividing the waters. Thirdly, God let the earth produce vegetation and so various kinds of seed-bearingplants and fruit trees with seed were made. Fourthly, he created the sun, the moon, and the stars. Fifthly, God created great sea monsters and winged birds with their own species. Sixthly, he createdwild animals of all kinds. Then on that day, he decided to create "man in our own image, in the likeness of ourselves." After the creation of human, he blessed them with all the other things he hadcreated. On the seventh day, just rested after being satisfied with his work and so that day was made the holy day.
Yahweh God had created everything in a completely differently way than that of God.He had not sent rain to earth but instead water flowed out of the ground and watered all the surface of the soil. He then shaped man from the soil of the ground and "blew the breath of life into hisnostrils, and from earth came a living being." He then planted a garden in Eden and grew every kind of tree. Four streams was then created by the flow of a river from Eden to the garden. Yahweh God letthe man live in the garden. In order for the man not to be alone, he used the soil and create wild beasts and all the birds of heaven. However, the creatures were suitable companions for the man...
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