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Release Notes

Release Notes for Cisco Small Business IP Phone Models SPA962, SPA942, and SPA922 Firmware Version 6.1.5a

February 12, 2009 These Release Notes describe the new features and enhancements in the Cisco Small Business IP Phone Models SPA962, SPA942, and SPA922 firmware version 6.1.5a.

This document includes the following topics: • • • Changes Since Firmware Release6.1.3 Installation Notes Related Information

Changes Since Firmware Release 6.1.3
Problems were fixed.

Fixed Problems
The following problems were fixed in this release: • • CSCsu63838: SIP message over 3Kb causes phone to reboot. Broadsoft BLF monitor lists can be up to 64Kb, and caused phone to reboot. CSCsi63784: RTP TOS value always follows EXT1.

Release Notes for SPA9000 VoiceSystem Firmware Version 6.1

Release Notes

If the phone receives a SIP request (such as a BYE) from the peer while it has an outbound INVITE transaction pending a final response from the same peer (as in making a call), then the phone may reboot if the final response is not 200 class and is received prior to Timer J expiration for the other SIP request (see RFC-3261 for Timer Jdefinition). When the SPA phone is the transfer target of a call transfer operation, it should not send a BYE to the transferor when it receives an INVITE from the transferee (with a Replaces header) if it is still in ringing state; instead it should send a 487 response to the transferor to end the INVITE transaction with the transferor. CSCsq28267: Phone does not include Contact header in all SIP 18xresponses it sends out, but the response has a to-tag propagated which establishes a SIP dialog. CSCsu67720: When making an outgoing call, the phone does not send an ACK after receiving the SIP 200 OK for the original SIP INVITE if the 200 OK contains a header with name that is longer than 31 characters. CSCsu87199: Phone not responsive if CTI enabled but EXT 1 is blank. CSCsm84533: Wrong GUI displaywhen accessing voicemail from a SPA400 via a SPA9000, when the SPA400 is not booted up or the USB drive is not plugged in. If Contact header in a 200 response to INVITE has a long URL parameter, and maddr is located near the end of this url parameter, phone may not locate the maddr parameter correctly, and hence cannot send ACK to the expected address (given in the maddr parameter). Context:Broadsoft SCA—No peer name/number. Problem: a) Phone does not show peer's name/number of a shared line on the GUI when the shared line was used by another phone. b) After phone picks up a shared call that is on hold by another phone, the screen of the phone connected with the peer does not show peer's name or number. CSCsl76916: Caller ID display problem (not following setting precisely). When parsingpick up response from a phone that's not ringing, phone may hang since the response does not include any ringing calls.

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Release Notes

Set up with Broadsoft SCA setup. If a user goes on/off hook to seize a shared call appearance very quickly (for example, more than 15 times with 30s), the call appearance may become erratic and cannot bereleased until the phone reboots. CSCsv59887: When using SIP/TCP w/ Broadsoft, the server does not respond to NOTIFY/keep-alive messages from the phone, causing the phone to drop the TCP connection. CSCsv77563: SPA unit cannot handle compact form SIP Content-Length header when receiving SIP messages over TCP transport. It will act as if the messages do not carry any message body. CSCsv86171:SPA942/SPA922: Setting localization sometimes causes change in audio pitch. CSCsv95943: Improve Broadsoft Extension Mobility Feature. a) Extended TCP/IP timeout on a profile resync operation (after a connection to the profile server has been established). b) Corrected a bug when user/ password information is mistyped on the phone's login screen. CSCsv44958: SPA932—Pressing two keys simultaneously for call...
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