Spank or not to spank

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  • Publicado : 27 de abril de 2011
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Despite the fact that many people think that to spank children is the best option, but I believe that the best option is to talk with them and not to spank.
Children alwayswant to call the attention of their parents and for that they do anything. So, in my point of view it is important to talk with then in order to pay attention in everything about they need. My thoughtis very modern, I do not believe in the methods that the grandparents or old people used to correct a bad behavior. I think that the best way to correct the bad behavior is showing other alternativesto the children in order to make them understand the situation but without spank and any other things. In fact, psychologists said that the modern methods to correct the bad things that the childrendo, are based on the dialogue, patience and a lot of love. The family has to be created based on love, respectful, confidence and others feelings that are very important for the stability of thefamily. But unfortunately the most parents of the country used to spank their children. And spanking, in my point of view, can be described like hitting a child with the open hand. The 90% of parents spanktheir children at least once a time. I am agree with not to spank, because there are many consequences of spanking such as depression, aggressive and negative relations with their parents, etc.On another hand, many people say that to “spank” is the best way to correct a bad behavior and the children will remember the pain that they suffer and they won’t do that thing anymore. In the casethat your child will do anything dangerous catalogued just as bad action, your reaction is going to be to protect him. And the best way to do that is spanking, because the children HAVE to remember thepain and they won’t do the bad action. Experts explain that children learn what they live and with the pain and the suffering they are going to stop doing bad actions and bad behaviors. They insist...
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