To graduate or not to graduate

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  • Publicado : 17 de diciembre de 2011
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On a daily basis people are forced to make many decisions. For adults, decisions revolve around many factors which will impact their lives and the lives of their family members. For adults makingdecisions is sometimes stressful. The decision making process for teenagers can be just as stressful and even more stressful. When it comes down to making a decision in regards to ones education, thechoice will not only affect the individual but also those around him. The decisions we make as children may not have such a big impact on us when we get older, but the decisions we make as teenagersare life changing. Each decision we make as teenagers presents us with a new opportunity but the same opportunity can be lost, as simple as going left instead of right. Therefore, one of the mostimportant decisions a teenager can make is whether or not to continue their high school education. When it comes to your education the choice you make is life changing. The individual who continueswith their post-secondary education are given the opportunity to follow a more rewarding career. A teenager, without a high school education will have a hard time living a more luxurious life style.The decision you make should not be an easy one, because it will directly impact your future. The decisions will impact the way in which the individual will be able to provide for one’s family.Teenagers who choose to finish high school open new doors for themselves, giving them the opportunity to of going to post-secondary school. Individuals who do decide to finish and continue have agreater opportunity at leading a more successful and stress-free life. For instance, finishing a post-secondary education one can follow a career they will enjoy. Working at a job you enjoy, makeswaking up in the morning more rewarding. You live with less stress because you don’t find yourself waking up to some office job you hate but instead following a career you chose. Choosing the path...
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