Special conditions

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It’s known as a problem in hearing and can be classified in many cases. Cases that can range from mild to severe to even profound. Depending on the case some of them have unique advantages.If the case is severe then he or she can use lip reading if necessary. Know if the case is profound that they need to rely on lip reading to be able to communicate. Now communication is a big problemfor the deaf. This problem can cause risk of physical damage to even social isolation. Other problem for them is that in case of an emergency they can’t hear the alarm or the siren going off. One wayto cause deafness is by having damage or disruption in the hearing system. Ear wax can also cause deafness by blocking the ear canal. Even age related change such as turning 60 or 70 years old cancause it. For children who are born deaf can sometimes be inherited. Others can be from infection during pregnancy, meningitis to many more causes. There is also temporary deafness by having ear waxinfection, glue ear and foreign body obstruction. Now and days the deaf community have a wide variety of ways to communicate. Communication is an important part in the human society. Modern technologyhas given an expansion on devices, gadgets and other methods so that people can with hearing problems can listen and talk to each other. For some they prefer the on a hearing aid while others rely onsign language and reading lips. When it comes to reading they read special books called ___ that have dots that identify each word. They can also be found in public signs like knowing which the men’sand women’s bathroom is.

Down syndrome
Down syndrome is an autosomal chromosomal condition that results short stature, distinct facial features and physical and cognitive differences that separateit from other manifestations of mental retardation. There are three causes of Down syndrome: Trisomy 21 explains 95% of Down syndrome. It is caused by non-disjunction, failure of chromosome pair 21...
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