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  • Publicado : 21 de junio de 2010
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What is happiness? Many times we have asked and not what we had settled that question the answer is complex. For every human happiness can have thousands of meaningsand may be from a word to a great action. Happiness is hampered deeper, as the dissatisfaction of our wishes fulfilled and grocery stores.
Even the pleasure we canexperience during a given time is sufficient to meet our aspiration to happiness.

It seems logical to believe that this happiness has something to do with thepreservation of life itself, that is, with a fitness of one's life, but we also know that happiness lies primarily in a spiritual being capable of meeting desires.
Not we whoturn our life, are the circumstances that determine our actions.
In some sense, our pursuit of happiness are met covering our most basic needs, but it is a momentarysatisfaction that runs the risk of rushing into a vacuum, a sense of life without which it is difficult to escape.

Happiness lies mainly in the very being of the person,as fully human and therefore, these life forms, eventually, lead man to an emptiness where life becomes boring and meaningless.
The happiness or spiritual andphysical well-being is very complex.
We all want to be happy, to varying degrees, according to our aspirations, but sometimes the right decision on how to achieve thishappiness, and we are tempted to seek happiness outside of reality.

Love is also a gift, a gift, love is the happiness of life. There is no happiness without love.
Whenpresented to us the mystery of life and love is revealed to us in reply, we have lacked is especially reflection, it was not deep enough to reflect the other's being.
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