Stop the sun: a father's return

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  • Publicado : 18 de febrero de 2012
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Stop the sun: a father’s returns

In the Army there is a lot of training and hard exercise. They have to do a lot of things so they could be prepared to go to war. To be a soldier they haveto go through a hard training like going through obstacles, jogging, a lot of push- ups, shooting, charging guns, how to activate bombs, granites and other explosives. Also they are trained to hidefrom enemies at battle field. They hide from enemies to catch them in an ambush.
Also, at the Army to used special codes so the enemies couldn’t understand them. In battle field they get tocamouflage with their uniforms or get herbs and plants and put them in their uniforms. They also, get the chance to paint their face with a special color cream. Also, they used other language words tocommunicate. In the Army they get a small amount of food so they could be in shape and less heavy to training.
How does Terry’s life change we his father return? I think that he’s life changewould change because he was not expecting that from he’s father. He Dad’s behavior it’s not the same. Terry is trying to find out what’s is going with his father. His Dad is suffering from visualproblems because he was in the Vietnam War. Now he has to take care of him.
I think that this impact affect Terry and the of his family, because they have been a lot of time without him. NowTerry have to get used to that behavior of him, Terry life
was change by his that experience on Vietnam’s War. This is a terrible tragedy for him and his father. Terry had luck to receive his fathera life when he came from the War.

All children and the families don’t have that luck. Many received them dead the all never they returned to see them. Single it arrives to them at thefamilies, the medals, the flag, and some properties. In this case, Terry had more luck than other children and other families since it’s father arrive a life. He must feel joy by the arrival of his...
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