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NAME: Andrea Martinez Galvan DATE: 2/12/10


Write notes in each section
TITLE: Games at Twilight | GENRE: Dialogue, suspense. | AUTHOR: Anita Desai| ILLUSTRATOR: Tony Wong |
SETTING | WHERE:In a Garden, in a shed. | WHEN:An afternoon that was too hot and too bright | CHARACTERS | MAIN CHARACTER:Ravi | MAJORCHARACTERS:Raghu | MINOR CHARACTERS:MiraAmuManuAll the children |
PLOT / PROBLEM:A child is playing, and he go to hide lo a danger place just to win the game, but he don’t know theproblems and consequences that will have in that place. | EVENTS | EVENT 1 * A group of children are planning to play hide-and-seek. All children want to win the game. Ravi issearching for a place to hide. He wants to be in the best play, so his friends won’t look at him | EVENT 2 * Ravi found an excellent place to hide. He found a shed, but this placeis dark, inside there are animals like insects, a place where no one goes. A danger place. |
LITERARY ANALYSIS & ELEMENTS: | Humorous essay: Friends playingin the park, a simple game, but at the end with bad consequences |
| Mental image: Children discussing about what to play and all of the thinking in who will win | Example:A little children hiding in a dark room with a lot of fear | External conflict: Children want to be the best in every one. They can do anything to win. They don’t care aboutthe others or the consequences they can have. | Example: A little boy want to win the game, so he do whatever he need to be the winner of the game |
VOCABULARY | 1.Superciliously: Acting better than the others. 2. Sidled: Moved slowly to the side to avoid attracting attention. 3. Defunct: Not longer in use or existence. 4. Dogged: Stubborn |
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