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1) Secretary Message Talk to Secretary Salvier in Argent City at (2219, 2749),then talk to General - William in Argent City Harbor at (2277, 2831)

3) Food for the Navy
Collect 5x Bubble Clam Meat

Collect 10x Sea Snail Meat

Collect 10x Elven Frui
t Report back to General - William in Argent City Harbor at (2277, 2831)

4) Missing Tommy Talk to Tommy at (1962, 2694)
5) Report toGeneral Hand the letter to General William at (2277, 2831)
6) Food Poisoning Obtain "Antidote Parcel" x1. Talk to Physician Ditto (2250, 2770).
6a) Quest for Antidote Collect 3x Cashmere Collect 3x Piglet Tail Collect 3x Hard Shell Talk to Physician Ditto (2250, 2770).
6b) Quest for Antidote Give Antidote to General William at (2277, 2831)
7) Tommy's Request Talk to Physician Ditto at (2250, 2770).8) A Crazy Reason Collect 5x Whacky Lamb Saliva Report back to Physician Ditto at (2250, 2770).
9) Thorough Investigation Collect Great King Pearl Report back to Physician Ditto at (2250, 2770).
10) Ditto's Report Send the report to Argent Secretary - Salvier at (2219, 2749)
11) A new task Hand the letter to Security - Kal at (1909, 2820)
12) The Lost Tool
Collect 5x Stolen Shovel
Collect3x Stolen Safety Cap
Collect 5x Stolen Safety Lamp
Report back to Security - Kal at (1909, 2820)
13) Kill the Shrooms Hunt Killer Shroom x10 Report back to Security - Kal at (1909, 2820)
14) Ditto's Request Collect 1x Crab King Stomach Stone Report back to Security - Kal at (1909, 2820)
15) Bandit Hideout Map Collect "Bandit Hideout Map" at (2217,2547) Report back to Security - Kal at (1909,2820)
16) Ambush Bandit Collect 3x Bandit Necklace Report back to Security - Kal at (1909, 2820)
17) Bounty Hunt Bandit Leader Adder Report back to Security - Kal at (1909, 2820)
18) Desert Visit Talk to Shaitan Clan Chieftain Albuda in Shaitan City at (898, 3640) Talk to Lamb Welly at (898, 3683). Talk to Clan Chief Albuda at (898, 3640)
20) Roland's Notebook Talk to Guard Michael at (958,3549).
21) Clues Talk to Supermun at (1080, 3086).
22) The Traitor Within Hunt 10x Sand Bandit Hunt 5x Sand Raider
23) Desert Battle Collect Mark of Desert Overlord Report back to Supermun at (1080, 3086).
24) The Truth Talk to Guard Michael at (958, 3549) after,talk to Franco at (867, 3660) then,talk to Merrix at (1118, 3611)
27) Captain Fickle Collect Fickle Pouch Report back to Merrix at(1118, 3611)
28) To Whom It May Concern Look for the guy codenamed 'J'.'J' is the codename of Sand Bandit Supermun. Talk to Supermun at (1080, 3086).
29) Journey to the North Talk to swordsman Ray in Icicle City at (1365, 570).
30) Danger in Icicle Talk to Icicle Royal - Mas at (1346, 451) ,then talk to Little Mo at (1237, 613)
32) Search for Supplies Talk to Gasardis in Atlantis Haven at (1028,649).
33) Recapture the Supplies Collect 15x Stolen Supplies Report back to Gasardis at (1028, 649). 34) Escort the Supplies Escort the Supplies back to Swordsman Ray in Icicle City at (1365, 570)
35) Further Investigation Talk to Eluna at (1141, 575)
36) Snowfield Organism
Collect 5x Snow Doll Memo Stone
Collect 5x Snow Lady Memo Stone
Collect 5x Yeti Memo Stone
Report back to Eluna at(1141, 575)
37) Search for Yeti King Collect Yeti King Memo Stone Report back to Eluna at (1141, 575)
38) Wisdom of Argent Talk to Old man Blurry in Argent city (2272,2700).
39) Blurry Talk to barmaid Donna in Argent city (2222,2886)
39a) Eight Treasures Wine

Collect 2x Fearsome Tortoise Egg
Collect 2x Boar Tendon
Collect 2x Stramonium Cirrus
Collect 2x Ore Crystal Powder
Report back tobarmaid Donna at (2222,2886)
39b) Eight Treasures Wine

Collect 2x Bamboo Dew
Collect 2x Nutritious Pearl Powder
Collect 2x Smuggled Spice
Collect 3x Kangaroo Brew
Report back to barmaid Donna at (2222,2886) Then report back to Old man Blurry (2272,2700).
40) A long long time ago Talk to Chairman Ronnie at (2241,2748) after,talk to Old man Blurry (2272,2700),then talk to General William...
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