Student nationa festival

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  • Publicado : 18 de mayo de 2011
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Oral and Written Workshop - Mrs Nievas Graciela
Date: May 18th, 2011
Student: Chuichuy, D. Nicolás
Paper Nº 2 –Final Presentation

Student National Festival
Every spring in Jujuy, particularly in September, the Student National Festival takes place in San Salvador de Jujuy. It is a very popularcelebration for teenagers of secondary school. This festivity is celebrated from September 21st, day when the spring begins, and finishes the last day of the month. The party consists in two major events: theparade of floats and the election of the students’ queen.
Students of every secondary school build their own float that represents them in the parades on Cordoba Avenue. These metallicstructures are completely covered with paper flowers and electric lights; although, pupils of technical schools provide their float with mechanical movements. Building these structures takes lots of time, sothey are built months earlier. During the last days of September, floats of each school gather to attend the parade of floats where local people and tourists can appreciate them.
In the contextof this festivity, the Students’ National Queen is chosen. Firstly, each school chooses its “queen” who, for one year, represents the institution. Then, among the chosen ones, one is selected torepresent each department. The next instance is the election of the sovereign to represent the Province. Finally, the Queens of different provinces are invited for the election of the national queen of thestudents; this is the activity that gives the closure to the feast.
Every year this beautiful event is better known. Many people attend it; students enjoy it a lot and await the arrival ofSeptember to begin this colourful festival. If you do not know it, I suggest you come and participate in this feast. You will never regret!

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