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  • Publicado : 11 de febrero de 2011
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“Success usually comes to those who are to busy to be looking for it”
Henry David Thoureou
A good morning dear teacher, classmates and audience, my name is Anita Granja and it is an honor to talkabout success in our lives this marvelous day.
First, I would like to say the meaning of the interesting word success, which to spell is very easy, but to express is to long and wonderful, it is anaccomplishment of an aim or purpose.
It is significant to know that always behind an achievement there is a big effort, so everything that was worked hard has a good reward and the most important is tonever give up.
On the other hand, the cause that makes success different is because it was not easy for us, but with the strong value of courage we overcome all difficult circumstances that wereinterfering with our aspirations, but those adversities help us to improve and to be brave.
Even, if having success would be easy, it would have never existed and sometimes it is difficult for us toaccept that we fail, but on the moment we fall, we understand that our effort is not enough and we need to work hardly, because everybody can do easy things and we were created to face challenges.
Thereason that I chose this topic, is because I got inspired on a nice story that I have heard since I was a child and it is about a man that was very poor, one day he found his true love and he gotmarried, he had nine kids, all of them were very happy and healthy, but their lives were very difficult, this man was very worried about the future of their children, but he decided to work very hard inhis little truck, where his big objective was to think of a better future, to raise his children with the values of the perseverance, patience and humility; finally, his children studied with dedicationand now they are good professionals.
So we can know that this man made his kids successful, especially he always used to tell them that they need to be successful behind the eyes of the world. I...
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