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Sharon Wilson Presents:

Sharon Wilson Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer Coaching From Spirit, LLC

Spiritualpreneurism©… is all about growing and expanding upon one's business and lifestyle through the study and application of universal spiritual principles, then BLENDING them with proven business strategies that create MASSIVE success on alllevels.

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Joyful Greetings! Welcome from the Coaching From Spirit Institute Team! Coaching from Spirit Institute is here to excite and empower your business or life with Coaching from Spirit, for transformational coaching, tele-seminars and support from the world’s top teachers. The Tele-Awakening will reveal to you THE Missing Element that makes thedifference between business owners who struggle uphill to make it work (gasping from exertion along the way) and those who build stratospheric successes with as much apparent ease as a fish swimming in water. Listen and read what the brilliant minds of several world-class business builders and high-ranking consultants, all of whom “have been there done that” and make no bones about the absolutenecessity of what The Missing Element will mean to YOUR business. Once employed in your business, this Missing Element will begin sifting and sorting through your business, and applying tried-and-true business-booming principles immediately. No kidding. The Missing Element knows how to get it done easily and quickly. It’s not about formal schooling ... it’s not about more hours added to your workday... it’s not about more strain to make the income exceed the outgo ... because this Missing Element comes from a deeper, timeeternal truth that WANTS you to succeed at less effort. This is the beginning of real change and transformation for you! Now, I could go on about the absolute impact of this program. Fact is, this is the ONE businessbuilding TeleAwakening that brings ALL the pieces of thepuzzle together – including the one, crucial Missing Element that means the difference between finishing your own puzzle in record speed, or hunting for that missing piece on your hands and knees for who-knows-how-long. Turn the page to see our Masterful list of Speakers and then read on and let the transformation begin….. Love and JOY! Sharon Wilson Co-Founder, Chief Inspirational Officer CfSI724.360.0051

Coaching From Spirit, LLC P.O. Box 836 Saxonburg, PA 16056 724.360.0051

Copyright 2007 Coaching from Spirit LLC

Our Panel of Speakers:
Michael Losier, is the Canadian National Bestselling author of "Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less Of What You Don't". His book has become a word of mouth success and has beenthe #1 best seller in bookstores across Canada. The book is now being receiving with great enthusiasm by US bookstores every week.

Widely acclaimed as a web site marketing guru, Diane Armitage speaks and consults extensively on the subject of online leveraged marketing strategies. Diane's only focus in life is helping you find more customers. As the Marketing Projects Director at RE/MAXInternational headquarters in the early ’90s, Diane decided there had to be a better way to market so that prospects would come in by the mobs and convert – happily and readily – to loyal and undying clients. Janet combines a unique blend of spirituality and practical, useful knowledge that can be put to use immediately. Her passion and focus is supporting people, in every part of the world, in knowingtheir personal greatness. She shows her students how it's possible to have a life of abundance while living their dreams. Janet is sought after because of her authenticity, clarity and the power of the tools she shares.

Jeanna Gabellini, CPPC and Eva Gregory, CPCC are master coaches, speakers and authors of several programs and books. They have instructed thousands in person, on the radio and...
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