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  • Publicado : 2 de mayo de 2011
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She saw it was dad, her dad with wings running down the hill he flew through the sky. He flew over the trees and over the house. He came inslowly, to the hill.

She turned quickly, went she back into house.

It was morning and she was up every early, before her dad got up. She was atschool and she wanted time to think about things, about Susan, she is a dad’s friend. She came to the house last night for dinner.

She ears a noise andshe think: the school bus? She saw something big and yellow. A machine moving fast, making a lot of noise it moved and trees fell in front of it. Herdad crying says: “Stop, Stop!” “You can’t do this!”

Then suddenly she saw something eggs, a nest of them. But no mother goose.
She smiled and lookedat the eggs, she thought: can I be their mother? Con I find or make a place for them?

Next day she thought about her eggs all though school and allthrough dinner too. Were they warm? Were they egg or babies birds now?

She wanted to look at them in the morning she went quietly down to the kitchenthen she heard something behind her. A man sat up in the chair and she cried.

He is David; he gave her a book for her birthday years ago.

Shebrought all the geese into kitchen. She had to give them food every two hours. They ate it and walked sat in it the kitchen was a mess!
She thought aboutyour geese all day but the were ok glen worked with animals and birds. Glen promised he’d come to her house and look at the geese, her geese as sick!