Summary of "the woman in white"

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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Summary of "The Woman In White"

Walter Hartright, a young and ambitious drawing teacher, unchained the most transcendental happenings of his life when a friend of his, Professor Pesca, recommendedhim to work at Limmeridge House. While walking home at midnight, before leaving, he met a mystifying woman completely dressed in white. He helped her get a carriage, and then learned that she hadmerely escaped from an asylum. A feeling of anxiety ran through him, but he decided to clear his mind and forget what he saw. The next day he traveled to Limmeridge House, where Frederick Fairlie and histwo nieces, Laura and Marian, inhabited. Walter noticed that Laura resembled to the woman he had previously seen, whose actual name was Anne Catherick.
After many weeks of teaching, Walter and Laurafell in love. Nevertheless, this sympathetic affection was absolutely forbidden, as it was unethical for his job, and Laura had also promised her father that she would marry Percival Glyde. Knowingthat being next to her would just cause suffering to both of them, Walter followed Marian’s advice, and decided to leave Limmeridge House and move to Honduras. After sending a letter to Laura warningher about Sir Glyde and his gruesome intentions, Anne came across Walter once again. She was convinced that Percival was the sole responsible for her time spent in the asylum. Eventually, after manymonths of arrangements for the wedding and a series of agreements involving blackmail, Laura and Glyde married—Walter was gone already. They went to Italy for their honeymoon, where they met Count Foscoand his wife. Mrs. Fosco was actually Laura’s aunt, but she lost her previously-known distinctive charm when she got married. After some time, they returned to Blackwater Park, joined by theirItalian guests. Marian was invited to make company in that house, too.
After many days of sorrow and distress amid Laura, Marian decided to investigate what was occurring. Making use of her tenacity, she...
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