Superfruits overview

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Fruits in general are not very high in nutrients. They are mostly water and sugar and contain some vitamins and minerals but usually at low levels. Superfruits are fruits that have higher, strongerand more nutrients in them, thus the name superfruit. They are high in nutrients, low in sugar, bright in colour, have strong and unique polyphenolic compounds and have a very long and rich history ofbeneficial use. They contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and polysaccharides as well as other trace minerals and novel active compounds.

Top 10

Pomegranate – vitamin C, catechins,gallocatechins, and anthocyanins. Health Benefits (HB) include: cardiovascular disease, heart disease (inclduing oxidation of LDL cholesterol), reduces blood pressure and may have bacteria fightingproperties.

Açaí – Vitamin A, fibre, antioxidants such as anthocyanins. HB: protection against free radicals.

Blueberry – Manganese, dietary fibre, vitamins B6, C, K, resveratrol (antioxidant) andother similar compunds. HB: Protection against cancer, fighting urinary tract infections, anti-ageing,

Goji – Lots of minerals and vitamins, antioxidants. HB: anti inflammatory, anti-ageing, fightscardiovascular diseases.

Cranberry – vit C and other vitamins and minerals and antioxidants. HB: Very powerful against urinary tract infections, dental plaque, gingivitis, etc, anti-ageing.Guarana – guaranine (caffeine). HB: enhances brain function in general, helps speed up weight loss, antioxidant, anti bacterial.

Acerola – Very high amount of vit C. Antioxidant.

Noni – Someantioxidants. contain fever, to treat eye and skin problems, gum and throat problems as well as constipation, stomach pain, or respiratory difficulties, etc. No research to back this up.

Mango – Variousvitamins as well as fibre, antioxidants. Anti-ageing and overall nutrition.

Sea-buckthorn – Vitamin A, C, D, minerals, antioxidants, etc. Reduces blood cholesterol, anti-ageing, cough, aid...
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