Supply chain of coca cola

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  • Publicado : 22 de mayo de 2011
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Coca Cola Company is the leader company in the international soft drink industry. It´s successful is for two main reasons: the publicity and a specialsupply chain that satisfied the customer’s preferences
Coca cola apply the global supply chain management because design their strategy according to globalization focusing in the publicity and thecollaboration with the main parts of its supply chain and sharing service centers for logistical and administrative functions .

Coca cola strategy
Coca cola is a global company because theirproducts satisfy differences tastes and preferences of local consumers.
Its mission is being the most expert of the world in commercialization, distribution and sells, anticipating and meeting customer’sneeds. Also bring their partners their knowledge, local innovation and the capacity of making growth the value through international red. For this reason the local bottling is one it’s most importantstrengths. This permit manage a global business level but maintaining the local component of the distribution to the final consumers.
The company vision is being recognized like leaders in theiractivity, accounting for their consumers the best alternative market. Due to the company focused their effort to get more value for the customer´s around the world
Its strategy also covers thefollowing values:
* Service: continuously improvement their services standards for satisfy the customer necessity and distributes its products in the right quantities, to the right locations and theright time.
* Innovation and quality: effort to maintain the best technology and quality standard. Innovate new products and technology for achieve the highest customer satisfaction
*Results: set goals high and effort for achieve

The main important long term objective is maximizing the shareholders utilities. For them, the company seeks to achieve the following objectives that...
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