Surveillance, society is being watched

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Surveillance, a word that many people love while others hates it. Why? Is this a bad thing? Which are the benefits and consequences of having it? Are wegoing to lose our privacy?
In my opinion, surveillance is an amazing idea to combat crime, many international research prove it helps to reduce criminal behaviors so that I support surveillance in thecities.

To begin with the topic, many different items are used to oversight people. In the first place, CCTV cameras are used by the government to watch people behavior also cards(credit cards, IDcards etc.) are used to keep people’s personal information. This kind of surveillance brings many benefits, for example, criminals like buglers, arsonists, shoplifters or thieves can be identified whitthe videos also police arrives earlier to places where crimes are committed, as a result crimes has reduced in those cities.

Surveillance is, nowadays, use in many stores, companies buildings, andeven on the streets. People is been watched even when the do not know. Mostly, people agree to have CCTV cameras in order to feel safer.

In contrast, there are people who think surveillance is nota good idea because they say “Why do they have to know every thing I do or where I go?!”

Different countries like Chile, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela are beginning to install this kind ofsurveillance. Although cameras had been installed in the most dangerous neighborhoods of the cities criminals have moved to other parts of the city, according to Fausto Lugo General Director of Attention andEmergencies Center of Mexico City.

Some of the cons of having surveillance is our privacy is almost lost, they would know everything about each person, and this is something that make people feeluncomfortable, like in the movie 1984 also it encourages people to thik about conspiracy. I think that other con could be kidnapers have easier access to our personal information. Is true, there are...
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