Family is the base of the society

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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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God’s most precious invention: Family
Family is the base of the society. When the word “family” has no meaning for someone, these people lose their values and forget howto express their feelings. Families’ most important function is to share support between the ones who carry the same blood in their veins.
Families are generally composedby at least 4 people who interact and end up winning each other’s love, but sometimes the meaning of “family” has to change a lot because of its structure, when there aremore members or no parents, or just a group of friends who give us this support and we are proud to call them “My Family.”
There are many things we cannot live without; forexample essential things or people in our life and the material things that make our life easier, and sometimes we feel more comfortable and safer with them.
In my case,for example, I cannot live without my family because they are very important to me, they were, and still are, present in every part of my life. I love them because my momand dad gave me the life and the possibility to be here in this moment. In addition, they always support me in every new thing I want to do. That was the reason why I had totalk about family, because that’s particularly my definition of family and people who read this article need to know about my point of view.
On the other hand, I don’tlike when people talk about their families in a bad way, because they like to express all the bad things and forget about the good times that they had shared with theirfamily.
In conclusion, family is one of God’s inventions, just because of that we have to valorate it like a precious gift, because we have to enjoy it the most while we can.
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