Sweat or transpiration

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  • Publicado : 25 de noviembre de 2010
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Hypothesis: (Brajim)
People sweat and plants have transpiration. A plant releases water through small holes in the back of each leave, calledpore. Let´s see what happens.

A. Materials: (Manuel)
✓ A piece of clay
✓ 2 transparent bottles of water
✓ A pencil or anail.
✓ A leave with its stem that has been exposed to light.
✓ A magnifying glass

B. Procedure: (José Miguel)
✓ Mold clay with yourhands until you form a tube of about 2 cms. Put it in the bottle vertically so that another bottle fits on top.
✓ Make a hole in the tube of clay with a pencilor a nail and make the leave cross the tube, carefully so that you don´t damage the stem or the leave.
✓ Squiz the clay so that the stem is hold firmly.✓ Fill the bottle with water and put on the bottle top with the leave.
✓ Carefully, turn around the other bottle (the one with no water) and make it fit intothe bottle top so that the leave keeps inside.
✓ An hour later, watch the experiment using the magnifying glass.

Analysis: (Brajim)
Some drops of water andhumidity appear in the bottle with no water.

Conclusion (Marcelo)
Transpiration of plants is almost identical to people sweat. A plant produces water vapor throughsmall holes called pores. Plants tend to absorb too much water from the soil through their roots y they get rid of it through these holes.

Even though we are not able towatch it, plants produce a lot of water diary. Their leaves produce tons of water vapor each day. Without this natural process we wouldn´t be able to live in our planet.
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