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Tag questions are fun, aren’t they?
+ -
Tag questions aren’t fun, are they?
- +

1) If first verb is positive, second is negative.
If first verb is negative, second is positive.You can speak French, can’t you?
+ -
You can’t speak French, can you?
- +

2) Subject and main verb/helping verb are switched.She is here, isn’t she?

3) Subject becomes object pronoun.
The movie was scary, wasn’t it?
Susan will come, won’t she?
Mike should study more, shouldn’t he?These boxes are heavy, aren’t they?

4) If first verb is have/has/had + past participle,

second will repeat have/has/had.
Jim hadn’t called, hadhe?
They haven’t finished yet, have they?
Jess Rica has visited New York, hasn’t she?

5) If first verb is simple present/simple past,
second will be do/does (Present)/did(Past).
He has a car, doesn’t he?
Jennifer graduated, didn’t she?They work hard, don’t they?


He has never visited Puerto Rico, has he?
I am correct, aren’t I? I am not correct, am I?

Complete the following attached questions.

1. We are having fun, _______________?

2. You can dance the lambada, _____________?

3. Steve won't be atthe party, ______________?

4. You were tardy this morning, ______________?

5. Joe has a new car, ________________?

6. You didn't call your family last night, ____________?

7. Children shouldn't stay up late, ________________?

8. Switzerland has never had a revolution, ________________?

9. There is a test on Friday, _______________?

10. It isn't freezing outsideyet, _______________?

11. There has never been a woman President, ______________?

12. English is a difficult language, _______________?

13. I am going to have another OPI soon, ________________?

14. We can leave now, ______________?

15. We can't leave yet, ______________?

16. Tomorrow is the 16th, ____________?

17. Paris is the capital of France, _______________?18. Writing in a foreign language isn't fun, _____________?

19. Dogs like to chase cats, _______________?

20. Your mother has a headache, ________________?

21. The next ECL will be easy, _______________?

22. We aren't having fun, _____________?

23. Mary is pretty, _____________?

24. Joe didn't pass the last book quiz, _____________?

25. No one should smokeinside this building, ___________?

26. Columbus didn't land in Florida, ______________?

27. Dallas isn't the capital of Texas, _____________?

28. Pavarotti has never appeared in San Antonio, _________?

29. Steve got sick during the ECL, _________________?

30. Joe lost his wallet, __________________?

31. Tom had never been to Mexico until last weekend, ______?...
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