Tara swan at nickelodeon latin america a

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Taran Swan

1. Describe the culture at Nickelodeon Latin America. Be specific.

The culture that Nickelodeon Latin America takes is a culture where work all together as a group, feelingthemselves free to ask anything and in which everybody can participate in any decision independently of the department that they work, that is, work as a only group in any aspect of the organization.

Theyalso want to feel themselves identified with the children world, and for this reason they decorate the rooms with drawings, the executives participate in workshops to fell closer to children and tryto understand what they like. And the employees can take their kids to their work with their toys without any concern.

In addition they want to know and to be adapted to the Latin America culture,to take the correct decisions and to know what they must offer them in their programming.

2. How did Swan go about building that culture? (consider the interrelationships among Nickelodeon LatinAmerica's context, design factors, culture and outcomes).
Swan always want that everything is clear without doubts when she is treating any issue that affect to the company, and for this reason shealways ask the questions as many times as necessary, and with the time everybody start to make a lot of questions among them.
To be identified with the children she design some workshops to be incontact with the kids and on this way know their likes.
To know the Latin America culture she moves herself to Miami from New York to be close to the Latin American culture, having to travel on weekends tosee her husband.
To feel like an only group she always hire staff that she know their way of work and whom she could trust because they have had success in their previous works.

3. DescribeSwan's leadership style. What impact has it had on the culture?
She always motivates people, she training people, she listened everybody, she wanted that people think in strategic and not only in their...
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