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By Carolyn Keene

This story takes place in a big mansion covered with moss. This story is in the present because they have things we use now. This is anonfiction story because all this could happen in real life.

The main character is Nancy Drew a teen yellow hair detective that has solved lots of mysteries.

This story begin when Mr. Drew a lawyer wastrying to find out the guilty person of explosive oranges that were left at the NASA space center and they accuse Mr. Drew friend so he will be the defender on the case. When he go home he’s trying tofigure out what some messages mean when Nancy help her she did well but it don’t help them of nothing in the mystery. When they still trying they here a crash outside so they go outside and they seethey were Nancy’s cousins, George and Bess the ones who have crash and they see the other person at the wheel.
When they get down Bess was angry but they have entered to the house and they call for adoctor for the person outside. Then they explained how it happened and it was the person’s fault. When they go outside he had ready go. Then to continue the mystery they said they could go with theBillingtons and they accepted they all packed and waited. When they get ready they go on car to the house and when they get there they see that there were no people. Then the Billingtons arrived andthey look very tired and they said they should get their own lunch. One day when they stop on a pond Bess tried to look inside and she get to close and an alligator almost bite her! So she was veryterrorized.
When they go home they read a note on the table and it said that if Nancy gets near someone could be hurt.So one day they enter a big old mansion covered with moss and outside it was so bigthey said it look like a jungle. Then they hear something and it was a panther so they ran then Nancy and Bess climbed a wall but George stay down but then a person came and he saved them. And he...
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