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Present perfect:

• Ha has played basketball.

• Shehas kicked the ball.

• The have been reading a long book.

• We have done the homework fast

• I have flown around the world.

• You have drown a lot.• She has broken the window

• He has taken some money.

• We have visited many countries.

• They have arisen at 6 o'clock.

• They haven't beenwatching too much T.V lately

• He's never seen a polar bear.

• My friends have never been to my beach house.

• long have you been at these school?• I've been in these school for 3 years.

• My new dog has been chewing my shoes.

• We haven't had an offer yet

• My teacher's told off for arriving late.• I've never heard anything about netball.

• I've played videogames before

• My dog has broken my new phone.

Past Perfect
• She had won thecompetition

• His mother had sewn all night long.

• He had finished his desert.

• We had eaten a lot.

• They had bought a new pet.

• I had brought alot of things for them.

• We had swum in a cold pool.

• She had bent a paper.

• It had bitten you in your leg.

• He had burst a balloon.

• She hadgone to the cinema.

• I had written a letter.

• They had forgotten the present.

• We had ridden a horse.

• She had reminded us about you.

• They hadmissed you.

• We have made a cake.

• I have seen that movie.

• We had gone to the store.

• She had done her homework.

• They had gone to my party.
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