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* Choose which word completes the sentences.

In order to ensure our exams meet the needs of users, ____________ have recently undergone a review and the examinations have been updated. Thefirst session of the updated FCE and CAE exams took place in ________________.

A) FCE and CAE, December 2008

B) KET and PET, April 2009

C) FCE and CPE, November 2007Cambridge ESOL is a department of the world-famous and historic University of ___________.

A) Oxford

B) Harvard

C) Cambridge

FCE gives you a pathway to higher qualifications such asthe _________________.

A) CAE and CPE

B) KET and PET

C) CPE and KET

The _____, once submitted, is sent to ____________, where he is qualified and experienced professionalstrained for this purpose.

A) FCE, England

B) CPE, Mexico


*Match the columns.

|Reading (1 hour) |Assesses theability to read and interpret fiction texts, |
| |publications and magazines. Candidates are expected to achieve |
||understand the main points and identify the structure of texts |
| |and extractspecific details and inferred meanings. |
|Writing (1 hour 20 minutes) | |
||In this part of the examination candidates must perform tasks |
| |toevaluate their ability to recognize and use grammatical |
| |structures and vocabulary of the language. The tasks include: |
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