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First Integrating Activity for Unit 2

Names and Id. numbers

Competencies to develop:

• Name chemical compounds using IUPAC rules in orderto communicate effectively and be able to relate with others using a universal language.

• Establish bonds between the use of chemical compounds and their impact on the environment in orderto predict the impact on society.

Introduction- We use many ionic compounds every day. When we cook or bake we use ionic compounds such as salt and baking soda. Milk of magnesia may be taken tosettle an upset stomach and certain sunscreens contain zinc oxide. A number of ions in body fluids have important physiological and metabolic functions

Instructions- In groups of two persons fillthe following tables. You may use your textbook, other chemistry books and computer with internet.

|Ion |Function in human body|Source|Result of too little |Result of too much |
|Na + | |It is found in table salt or in baking soda. In many |Low sodium in the blood |High blood pressure.|
| |Sodium is an essential|medicines. |can make it harder to | |
| |nutrient that balances||think and focus, and it | |
| |the pH level in your ||is common in older | |
| |body, regulating the | |adults. ||
| |level of water in your| | | |
| |body, and is important|...
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