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 "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That’s why it's called the Present"

My name is Mariana Diaz Alarcon and I am going to share with you the 2 most importantthings in my life.

We can all have many things that bring us back many memories, and events that we had lived through our lives, nor big or small things, material or spiritual.
This might not soundspecial for you and I am not waiting for you to understand it, because i can give to you a lot of  explanations you would not understand yet ,  because i cannot show you my whole and deeply fellingbecause we have different way of thinking,  of felling things, and of course  different cares.

I will like to share with you this beautiful neckless which reminds me very special moments, and inthis neckless is where i have all those fillings. The day we did this neckless my friends and I engraved our names and the day we did it. This neckless is very important for me because we all have it andeverytime I feel alone i put it on so they can be close to my heart and i don’t feel alone anymore. Also we make it as a promise that no matter what we will be together forever.

Now I will showyou this image, they are my family and they are the most important people in my life, my parents, Lourdes and Ernesto they are always by my side, and they help me as a friend and parents, They are mysiblings and I really can tell you that i had the best moments of my life with them, they are like my best friends.

This letters are very important for me because all my friends of the elementaryschool wrote for me, and they are the most important friends in my life. We all became like a family, and we were together on the abc school from 10 years of our life. Since we had 6 years we are friendsand the most important of all those friends was my best friend Susy and we are best friends since we had 5 years and we still being the best friends, no matter what I know that I have a real friend...
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