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Sissi Li, Bruno Molina
September 1, 2009
Baking soda Lab report
This has been the first Lab in 8th grade. Heated and unheated baking soda was tested to see how they reacteddifferently.
Research Question What will happen to the water in the bottle while the bakingsoda is being heated, and how would heated and unheated baking soda react differently if tested with tea?
HypothesisExchanging ideas of what could happen with the baking soda, the final hypothesis was: If baking soda is heated, the components that make up thebaking soda will dissolve because of the temperature. Then because of the gas produced, it will need more space so it will push the water in bottle out. When the tea is poured in the heated andunheated baking soda, the heated baking soda would not have a major reaction because it has already been changed from its original product.
VariablesThe variables for the experiment are:
* Independent variable (what is changed?)– temperature or heat* Dependent variable (what is observed?)– water inside the bottle, baking soda, tea
* Control variable (what is kept the same?)– unheated baking soda
The independent variable is thetemperature or heat, because it is what is changed to expect a different reaction from the dependent variables. The water inside the bottle, the baking soda and the tea are where the observationsare made to see the change. Finally to be able to compare the results of both independent and dependent variables, the unheated baking soda is used as the control variable.

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