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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2010
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I'm Angel Morales Iñiguez
I will tell you a little about my life ...

A couple of weeks while I went back to my house, think and reflect how valuable it is to have a life andhow responsibility is to make it what you want.
And I thought of all the people who come to big and looks back and sees what he did, he failed to do ... than what we repent andreturn to a thousand times more.
And most good day tomorrow is just that, saying "how good this! If given the choice I'd do."
"That's why I choose to live life as best as possible “Although I consider myself a very quiet and reserved also consider myself a funny person, happy, generous and a person who likes to party, have fun and talk with my friends.
My momsays I should change my personality in a matter of the secrecy by saying that people should not keep their feelings and emotions that I have what I feel and what happens to me, forpeople to help me and give me their opinions.
I am a woman with responsibilities, rights and obligations, which always tries to achieve deliver what it promises.
I think it actuallywould not change many things in my life, because until now I am satisfied everything that lived eh, eh what succeeded and what my parents have given me in all matters both material andsentimental.
I always try to have a goal.
now my nearest goal is to finish my high school and that is what I think.
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1. adverbio
1. always
2. ever
3. forever
4. each time
5. aye

To me there are four things you can not miss you in this life ...
• Friends
• Love
• Happiness

Live life every day, do not worry about yesterday or for tomorrow. (:
I forever. Be happy dont worry.
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