Taronga zoo

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Sydney has a zoological park known as Taronga Zoo. This zoo is opened for the public with 372 animal displayed to the public. Taronga zoo is also a studyplace in charge of breeding and conservation plans.
The Taronga zoo is consider as an attraction, because it full feels the characteristics of one. The Taronga zoo is aphysical place where individuals such as travellers, tourist and also locals perceive it as a place where they can meet their wants. Referring to leisure and needs theTaronga zoo is a place where the area of its location was given to provide activities for a given costumer. The Taronga zoo is a man made attraction, build mostly to attracttourists. To be a built attraction, Taronga zoo must have some recognition criteria. These features show what the attraction must have and what it should provide to thevisitor or customer. The place must be clean and well prepared at all times, have clean and convenient located toilets, be well signed so the attraction can be easilylocated, have clear opening times, have a good entrance, easy and convenient way to get to the attraction, provide a substantive experience for tourist and have a legalstate and local government licenses and approvals to operate as a commercial tourist attraction.
The Taronga zoo is located in Bradleys head Rd, Mosmon; a place with a greatview over the city. It is located in a high hill along the waterfront, which facilitates the overview of the Sydney cove, the opera house and Harbour Bridge (web Wombat,1995-2001). Taronga zoo is located in a perfect spot where it provides a good space for locating animals. Spacious areas were different kind of animals could be held.
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