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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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I had a difficult experience in my life about my health. While I was thinking that the things happened to me were the most terrible, appears a teacher who tough me the hope in other way.He looks like a boring man, and before to get class with him, I heard worst things. I haven’t never met a teacher like him, my angry teacher that teach values too

When I was in 10th grade ofschool, it was already on the 2008 year, I had an accident. Two months later, I came back to school. I was like a spoiled girl, all friends, partners and teacher paid me all attention.A week later that I have returned, arrived an angry,small, serious and punctual teacher that I haven´t seen before. In my first class with this teacher, I arrived late, 10 minutes after. He just went out to the class room and shouted me, in this moment Ifelt terrible. I told him: excuse me, I had come late because I had been using crutches, can you see?

Immediately he looked me andsaid: that isn’t an excuse, you had the same capacities of each one for not be late, look me, besides all, I’m punctual, and turned left and walked toward his desk, I was surprised when I saw he waslame. When I got into the class, I was more surprised when I saw his class English creative methods: puzzles, figures, songs, etc I neverthought he could teach in this way. From this moment, all Wednesday, I always was punctual, I really liked this class. InEnglish’s class always we would do any game, sometimes he delegated me as monitor, Sometimes not, but never didn't matter if I were using crutches, he delegated me functions like any other....
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