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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2011
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Ever since my childhood, I remember watching the Jetsons and desiring to live in a futuristic world where all things were accessible and life was much easier. Although this high-tech world seemedunreachable for now, with the advances in science and technology today and 50 years from now, it’s just a matter of time until is achieved.
Science is a valuable tool that is used todominate and reshape the nature of society and is the key to understanding the world. It is effective in enriching our minds. It is clear and precise. Scientists are investigating the cure for a widerange of diseases like, AIDS, cancer, Parkinson, Leukemia and many more. It's reasonable to say that is a matter of time until they find the cures. If this is happening now in the 21st century, I canimagine that fifty years from now, we will see a new fantastic drug that will cure and prevent all diseases. This drug will stimulate our immune system protecting us against all the harmful diseases inthe world.
It is clear that health has undergone major improvement over the last century thanks to the modernization of technology. Machinery has been created such as a ventilator, CT scan, MRI. Thismodernization has made it possible today to do all kinds of surgeries with the lowest degree of discomfort and danger to the patients. In the future, I consider that a machine will be built for thosewhose bodies are paralyzed but their brain still works. This machine will attach to the brain and the spinal cord sending signals to the nerves and allowing all body functions to take place.Technology has affected society in a number of other ways. It has helped the world to become more advanced. Now days, we have many products, procedures and modern surgeries with laser to achieve the idealbeauty. Some of these modern procedures are liposuction, hair removal, breast augmentation, facelift and many more. Body image is a huge problem, not only in America, but also throughout the world....
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