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Ho work omew
Equi ipment of Te elematic

Names: n Mora M  Kevin Cristina  Idaly  Estefany  Hecto or  Michael  Javier  Jason n 

The compu Pc e uter


computer is an elec ctronic

de evice used to process all kinds o of information Dependin on f n. ng e r achine the computer is a ma ele ectronic tha receives and at processes da ata into useful u inf formation.

Lan nguage o a compof puter
interp preta instruc ctions that a user enters dare langu s uage codes binaries. Th hese codes makes m refere ences to zero and ones w os which in turn is equivalen to voltages of different n nt s t

har rdware
comp ponents phys sical intensity of a Pc, me y eans that the user supplie orders, com es mmands to th Pc, he so tha it renders. Examples: M at Mouse, keyb board, scanne cameravi er, ideo, etc.

Softwar re
Son as the Pc "inteligen ncia", softwa is divide into are ed three categ gories: 1-sof ftware syste em: 2-programme operating systems ap pplications: Office, 3-utility database: Windows Exp W plorer, etc.

Un processes (CP nit PU)
brain central com n mputer. Pro ocessing ins structions an data that you work c nd computer me emory RAM or main m M memory is savdata fro programs and instruc ved om s ctions so tha CPU can access at a them directly from the externa data bus h m al high speed.

Memory ROM
contains essential system that neither computer nor user can delete programs. Allow you to start every time you turn on the computer system hard disk digital magnetic recording, where the majority of cases is the computer operating system. User data isstored.

is a small unit quick memory which stores information that recently accessed.

Reader DVD – ROM
this unit serves to read CDs, whether these programs, music, or material media (images, sounds, texts)

peripherals and auxiliary devices monitor:
output through one interface, displays results, or computer processing graphs. Keyboard: used for the introduction of data and orderson a computer

Function generator
A function
generator is an electronic device which produces signals waves, square, triangular, and create TTL signals.

Applications include testing and calibration of audio systems, ultrasonic and servo. This function generator, specifically working on a range of frequencies from 0.2 Hz to 2 MHz also has a scan function which can be controlled bothinternally and externally with a DC level. The machine cycle, the level of DC offset, sweep range and the breadth and width of the sweep can be controlled by the user.

1. Co ontrols, Co onnectors a Indicat and tors

Butt Output Voltage ra ton ange (Volts Out range button). P e Press this butt to contro the ton ol
ampli itude range o 0 to 2 Vp- open circu or from 0 to 1 Vp-p with a load of 50W. Nowpress of -p uit f p the bu utton to cont the ampl trol litude range o 0 to 20 Vp open circ or 0 to 10 Vp-p with a of p-p cuit load o 50W. of • But tton investm ment (Inve button). Pressing thi button, the signal conn ert . is e nector on the main outpu is reversed When the m ut d. machine cyc control in use, the reve button d cle erse determines th hat half o the wavefo at the ou of orm utputwill be affected. Th following table shows this relation he nship

Contr machine cycle (Duty control). Pul this contro to enable th option. rol ll ol his • DC offset (DC offset). Pu this contro to enable this option. T control sets the DC level C C ull ol t This l and s signal polarit connector on the main output. Whe the switch is pressed, t signal is ty en h the cente ered at 0 volts DC. • Scabutton (SWEEP bu an utton). Click the button to make an i k internal swee This butto ep. on activa the cont range and wide sweep of the swee If this bu ates trol d p ep. utton is pressed again, th he funct tion generato can accept signals from the outer sw or m weep connec (EXTER ctor RNAL SWEE EP) locate in the rear of the funct ed r tion generato or. • Sca anning rang (Sweep R ge Rate). This...
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